Who Will Optimize Tomorrow’s Marketing

Who Will Optimize Tomorrow’s Marketing

03 Feb 2020 Marketing

If the dizzying array of choices available to marketers makes your head spin, imagine how much more complex it will be in just a few years. The options of how marketers reach their customers will continue expand. To be effective, tomorrow’s marketers need to equip themselves with innovative approaches and tools that can measure and optimize marketing budgets in this diverse and rapidly changing environment.

As an example of how quickly marketing change is occurring, Facebook first offered mobile ads just two years ago in 2012. By the end of 2013, mobile ads generated half of Facebook’s ad revenue. Over 35 billion digital video ads were viewed in December, 2013. This represents over 100% growth in viewership from the previous year.

The old methods behind marketing mix used in the 1980s and ‘90s cannot provide meaningful measurement in today’s diverse and dynamic marketing world. Those methods fall further behind as the channels and options for both marketer and buyer continue to diversify.

Professor Martin Block at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Integrated Marketing Communication wants his graduate students to be prepared for optimizing in tomorrow’s marketing world. To accomplish that goal, Professor Block invites innovative companies like Greesys to inform his Marketing Mix Analysis and Planning course students on innovations in marketing measurement.

Professor Block’s students learn how Greesys’ unique methodology and software give marketers the tools they need to measure marketing performance in this fast-changing environment. Students complete a series of exercises using these new approaches and tools. This expands how they think about marketing and marketing measurement.

In addition to meeting the analytical demands of optimizing returns in a complex marketing environment, students are pushed to think in terms of client demands. They are asked to answer key business questions, explain their results in clear language, and think creatively to deliver the best results possible.

Greesys’ involvement in this and other advanced education programs will continue and grow as the need for more sophisticated and accurate marketing measurement grows. It is vitally important that these future marketers learn now what it will take to optimize tomorrow’s marketing.

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