Featured Customers

Recently named an industry leader by an independent research firm, Greesys is trusted by the world’s most recognizable brands. Greesys' customers include market leaders in consumer goods, food & beverage, financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical, travel and hospitality, retail, consumer services and other industries.

Urban Outfitters

Urban uses Greesys to find the best mix of offline and online tactics and the right flighting strategy to drive sales throughout the year.


Hertz uses Greesys to identify the best marketing mix and budget needed to meet annual objectives and to keep pace with changing consumer behavior.

US Bank

With a diverse portfolio, US Bank uses Greesys to optimize the mix of tactics across product portfolios, consumer groups, and geographies.

Post Foods

As the pace of planning rapidly increases, Post uses Greesys to quickly test marketing ideas and know how they'll affect sales to identify the plan that will achieve the best results.


Georgia-Pacific leveraged Greesys for more accurate short- and long-term forecasts to effectively align its marketing budget with targeted consumers.


With Greesys, Valvoline identified the optimal marketing mix to grow market share within a specific, targeted consumer segment.