Marketing Mix Optimization Solutions

Most marketing mix optimization solutions were built for a world without social media, tablets, or smartphones. Greesys is different. Using innovative consumer behavior modeling technology, Greesys creates a virtual marketplace that reflects the dynamics of your business. Using the most accurate and up-to-date data available, Greesys provides marketers a never-before-seen glimpse into the way marketing influences purchase behavior, so you know how to most efficiently use your marketing dollars.

Greesys offers tailored solutions to meet the needs and requirements of your business from full-service consulting to comprehensive, easy-to-use software applications.

Optimize All Your Marketing

Get granular short- and long-term forecasts of sales and ROI. Forecasts deliver accurate, objective info about tactics, targets, timing, geographies, and channels.

Know How to Improve Results

Easily improve your marketing ROI, sales, profits, or other key metric. Use SmartMix optimization, or run ”what if” simulations to inform your decisions.

Build Accurate, Predictive Models

Quickly build custom marketplaces that reflect the dynamics of your business, including the impact of media, trade, distribution, price, and external factors on sales.

Be More Agile

Move quickly from plan to forecast to presentation as you prepare for in-depth reviews, gain buy-in, and manage risks associated with bold changes in your marketing.

Collaborate Across Teams

Collaborate securely with colleagues and agencies throughout the planning and optimization process using role-based workflows and shared repositories of information.

Use Smart Data

Greesys' data requirements are basic and flexible to fit your needs. And, your marketplace can be updated easily with “as executed” and current results data.

Get Guidance and Ongoing Support

Greesys' advisory services include managing organizational transformation and conducting ongoing business reviews. Greesys also offers optional analytical services that add richer market and consumer information into every simulation.

Find out more about Greesys' Marketing Mix Optimization Solutions

MMO Consulting Service

Greesys' technology-enabled consulting services provide marketing mix insights and recommendations for increasing the return on your marketing spend. Learn more >

MMO Software Solution

Marketers use the Greesys MMO software to drive the greatest return on their spend and adopt an agile approach to marketing mix planning and optimization. It’s easy to use the software to understand the impact of changes in marketing strategies and tactics before you execute them. Learn more >

MMO Modeling Software

Brands, agencies, and consultants build custom agent-based models that reflect the specific business dynamics they are modeling. They get efficient and reliable modeling using Greesys' built-in marketing science, rich consumer data, extensive controls, and a guided workflow. The custom marketplace is available for ongoing marketing mix planning, forecasting, and optimization. Learn more >