Pricing Strategy

Achieve business & market share objectives with competitive pricing

In today’s consumer-driven world, marketers are under incredible pressure to grow the business, reach targeted consumers, and differentiate their brand in the marketplace. It’s crucial for companies to develop an optimal pricing strategy as part of their go-to-market plan that aligns best to the current business strategy.

Greesys Pricing Service enables B2C marketers to develop a competitive pricing strategy, and to understand the implications of various strategies on volume, loyalty and financial performance. Greesys analysis accounts for the unique needs and behaviors of targeted consumer groups, and considers short-term pricing strategies in the context of long-term brand equity objectives to ensure continued success of the brand.

Greesys Pricing Service can help answer difficult pricing questions like:

  • How will target consumers react to a price change?
  • What is the optimal price to maximize profit? Market share? Volume sales?
  • What is the ROI of our pricing and promotional activities?
  • What is the impact of non-marketing factors on price and promotion?
  • What is the impact of price changes on various consumer segments?

Best of all, marketers can use the information they gain from Greesys Analytical Services to better inform their integrated marketing strategies in Greesys Marketing Mix Optimization software.