About Us

Greesys  Marketing Mix Optimization software provides B2C marketers with the forward-looking information they need to get the maximum return across all their marketing investments. With Greesys , marketers make better strategic decisions about spending levels, tactics and timing across consumer groups, products, channels and geographies.  Using innovative consumer behavior modeling, our breakthrough GreesysAhead Technology creates a custom, virtual marketplace that simulates how targeted consumers will respond to different marketing plans. Our software provides marketers with rich historical insights and better short- and long-term forecasts of ROI and sales, as well as support for an agile, objective ongoing planning process.

Recently named an industry leader by an independent research firm, Greesys  boasts the highest-rated marketing mix optimization solution on the market today. Greesys  customers include market leaders in consumer goods, food & beverage, financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical, travel and hospitality, consumer services, and other industries.