Multi Channel Marketing Strategy

Align your brand with the way consumers & shoppers purchase

Today’s marketplace is all about choice. Consumers are well informed, their expectations are high, and they have more channel options to buy products than ever before. Between this ever-expanding number of channels where companies can sell their products, and perpetually shifting consumer habits, determining a channel management strategy now involves unparalleled levels of complexity. And it’s more important than ever for marketers to understand shopper and consumer behavior both within and across channels to effectively connect their brands with where the people they target buy.

Marketers need to know the answers to difficult channel questions like:

  • Where do consumers purchase products in the category?
  • How are certain categories and products aligned to certain channels?
  • What channels are growing or declining?
  • What is the true competition within each channel?
  • How does the market structure differ between categories?

Greesys Channel Service enables B2C marketers to make more informed channel decisions. By combining consumer data with primary survey research, Greesys offers marketers a more integrated view of the category, and provides valuable insights at critical decision-making stages. Greesys can help you determine social and marketing influences on purchase behavior, recognize consumer buying occasions in specific channels, and understand the role of channel, category and brand for each occasion.

Best of all, marketers can use the information they gain from Greesys Analytical Services to better inform their integrated marketing strategies in Greesys Marketing Mix Optimization software.