Marketing Product Optimization

Develop a successful product strategy with consumer-level insights

In today’s marketplace, consumers maintain an unprecedented amount of power. If a company wants to maintain customer loyalty and increase market share, it must work harder than ever to meet customers’ rising expectations. When it comes to financial performance, it’s no longer just about the features and functionality you offer—it’s also about your assortment of products, and how you position them.

Greesys Product Optimization Service enables B2C marketers to identify optimal product features, messaging, branding, packaging, promotional campaigns and pricing—all in the context of continual consumer, channel and market changes. With Greesys, you will better understand a targeted consumer segment’s unique preferences and behavior, giving your products the greatest possible reach and return on investment.

Greesys Product Optimization service can help you:

  • Understand what features most delight—and deter—your target consumers
  • Identify the optimal combination of features for your product or product line
  • Leverage better short- and long-term product roadmaps within a competitive context
  • Pinpoint the most effective product assortment, as well as potential product extensions
  • Incorporate consumer, market and sales data to accurately attribute reach and revenue
  • Define or modify your product positioning & messaging to reflect consumers’ needs and wants
  • Make better-informed decisions for targeted messaging and product claims

Best of all, marketers can use the information they gain from Greesys Analytical Services to better inform their integrated marketing strategies in Greesys Marketing Mix Optimization software.