Marketing Mix Optimization Software Solution

Drive better results by using data and technology to transform
how you analyze, target, plan and forecast

With the Greesys Marketing Mix Optimization software, it’s easy for any marketer to quickly get the reliable, objective information needed to make marketing mix optimization decisions. Greesys software is specifically designed to enable you to easily explore ideas and know how they’ll affect results before committing the dollars, resources, and time for execution. With Greesys software, you go from “what if” questions to the marketing plan that will achieve the best results.

Optimize All Your Marketing

Use integrated offline and online marketing mix planning software to optimize all your marketing. And get comprehensive information and forecasts across tactics, consumer groups, products, geographies, and channels that are presented in business metrics like ROI and sales that resonate with executives.

Know How to Improve Results

Improve your marketing ROI, sales, profits, or other key metric. Use SmartMix optimization, or run “what if” simulations that show the impact of shifts in spending, targets, tactics, or timing. You can easily work with plans at the level of detail you need from high-level range finding to weekly spending and flighting.


SmartMix is an “easy button” that takes the hassle out of planning. Each SmartMix optimizer quickly finds the best marketing mix to achieve your specific objective and works for you at the brand, segment, or tactic level.

  • SmartSpend: Finds the budget level and marketing plan needed to reach a sales target.
  • SmartROI: Finds the marketing plan that maximizes ROI given a budget range.
  • SmartPlan: Finds the marketing plan that will maximize sales for a given budget.

Be Agile Marketers

Take a faster path from idea to decision as Greesys role-based workflow guides you from strategic planning to tactical execution. Shared repositories of information enable secure group collaboration with colleagues and agencies throughout the process.

Get the Guidance You Want

Greesys provides strategic business and technical advisory services to help manage organizational change and software adoption. We work with you on ongoing business reviews that measure progress and help guide decisions. Greesys also offers optional analytical services that add richer market and consumer information into every simulation.