Marketing Mix Optimization Modeling Software

Build a Custom Virtual Marketplace to Get Insights that Drive Better Results Faster

With Greesys Marketing Mix Optimization software, you can create accurate agent-based models that reflect your business. You can be sure of the quality and predictive power of your custom marketplaces using Greesys built-in marketing science, rich consumer data, and extensive controls in a software-as-a-service application. And, you’ll get up and running quickly with a workflow that supports efficient and reliable modeling, and comprehensive training and support. With a single application, you’ll move straight from modeling to running “what if ” simulations for delivering actionable insights and optimized marketing plans.

Build Accurate, Predictive Models

Get more accurate, granular forecasts of short- and long-term sales and ROI results. Greesys agent-based modeling uses high quality consumer, category, and other data to better reflect how targeted consumers will respond to your marketing.

Create Custom Marketplaces Quickly

Easily build custom marketplaces that reflect the dynamics of your business, including the impact of media, trade, distribution, price, and exogenous variables on sales. Quickly refresh your marketplace with “as executed” and current results data.

Deliver Actionable Insights and Optimized Plans

Improve your marketing ROI, sales, profits or other key metric. Use SmartMix optimization, or run “what if ” simulations to inform decisions. Deliver insights directly or provide easy-to-use software to your brand teams and agency partners for ongoing, collaborative planning.

Get Comprehensive Service and Support

Be prepared with Greesys training and certification programs. Actively manage software adoption with usage reports, benchmarking, and best practices. Ongoing product innovation delivers continuous improvement in modeling, planning, and performance.