Marketing Mix Optimization Consulting Service

Get the Guidance and Support You Want to Be Successful

Greesys team of marketing experts provides strategic consulting services to help companies drive better results and manage organizational change. Greesys helps you understand key business drivers, optimize budget allocation decisions, manage marketing risk, and more. Greesys also offers analytical services that add richer market and consumer information into every “what if” simulation.

Advisory Services

Greesys provides ongoing guidance for improving the return on your marketing spend. This includes in-depth business reviews, analysis of results, and best practices for success

Change Management

For companies that want to adopt an agile, data-driven marketing planning process, Greesys develops a roadmap to make it happen. Greesys offers comprehensive training and support programs to ensure software adoption and integration of model insights into decision-making processes.


Greesys helps companies to establish clear goals and KPIs within the context of their business and industry. Your Greesys team also provides ongoing progress evaluation, sales variance analysis, and an in-depth review of ROI drivers.

Data Strategy Development

Once Greesys identifies the internal and external data needed to answer your key business questions, our team of data specialists collects, organizes, and validates the required data. Greesys also has automated processes in place to streamline data collection and create greater transparency for you.

Analytical Services

Greesys offers analytical services that provide marketers with custom information to make informed, strategic decisions about consumer segments, product features, pricing, and channels. Insights can be incorporated into your marketplace to add richer market and consumer information into every “what if” simulation.