Consumer Segmentation

Understand & engage your most profitable consumers

Not all consumers are alike, and different consumer segments seek out different products, brands, or services to satisfy different needs and wants. In today’s constantly changing world, marketers are under increasing pressure to identify, reach and influence targeted consumers. What’s more, those efforts must yield measurable financial results. With consumer behavior and media consumption rapidly fragmenting, it’s harder than ever for marketers to accurately align their marketing budget with the consumers they target—and also more critical to success.

Greesys' Segmentation Service enables B2C marketers to understand the unique behavior and preferences of specific consumer segments, and to identify profitable segments to target. Greesys provides a full profile of key consumer segments for targeted marketing strategies, so you can achieve the greatest return on investment.

Greesys flexible, scalable approach can help marketers:

  • Identify broad segmentation focuses
  • Better understand narrowly defined population segments
  • Link segments back to demographics, purchase behavior and media consumption
  • Understand the underlying demand drivers and preferences by segment
  • Identify both current and emerging demand gaps in the marketplace
  • Develop positioning and value proposition by segment
  • Align their product portfolio with consumer preferences
  • Align media choices to segment behavior

Best of all, marketers can use the information they gain from Greesys Analytical Services to better inform their integrated marketing strategies in Greesys Marketing Mix Optimization software.