On-Premise Assortment Optimizer Service

Maximize On-Premise Marketing Strategies & Consumer Loyalty

The loyal consumer; perhaps nothing in today’s on-premise environment is more sought after by channel outlets that want to increase sales and build long-term relationships. Large and small channels, chains, and manufacturers alike continue to invest large amounts of time and money on marketing campaigns to attract and retain their most profitable consumers.

With Greesys' Assortment Optimizer Service, marketers in an on-premise market can maximize consumer satisfaction with the optimal beverage sets across brands, forms, channels, regions, consumer segments, and much more. Equipped with information from Greesys' Assortment Optimizer, your company can achieve your most important on-premise objectives – including sales, profit, productivity and ROI.

Greesys' Assortment Optimizer Service can help you:

  • Optimize customer beverage sets to increase customer retention
  • Recommend replacement options for underperforming brands
  • Show gains from adding a new beverage to an existing set
  • Understand pay-offs of expanding fountain sets to include more valves
  • Identify the optimal pricing strategy across brands and forms 
  • Run simulations by channel, region and demographics in a web-based application
  • Understand the interaction between brands and forms when offered in the same environment

Best of all, marketers can use the information they gain from Greesys' Analytical Services to better inform their integrated marketing strategies in Greesys' Marketing Mix Optimization software.